Apr 10, 2008
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Last Thursday, the kids and I took a day trip to Brenham to take a tour of the Bluebell Creamery. It was their first time there and they had a blast! My son is really into learning about how things are made (he’s a huge fan of the show “How It’s Made”) and really enjoyed the tour of the factory. Of course, if you ask him about his favorite part, he’ll tell you it was the part we all got to eat free ice cream!

Afterwards, we set off to take some pictures in the bluebonnet fields all over Highway 290. We found a nice large field behind a McDonalds and that was about the best thing about this part of our little adventure. The kids were not thrilled with the flowers, to say the least. And my son was not into being in a field.

With ant piles.

And bugs.

So, I had a bit of a challenge on my hands but thankfully, McDonalds saved the day! We packed sandwiches for our trip but a promise of a happy meal kept them smiling for a bit in that field and I was able to snap a few pics.

Don’t let that smile fool you! I took several continuous shots and this was one out of about 15 faces, all of which he was making while griping about the field we were in. I’m hoping he’s feeling a little more outdoorsy next year. :)