May 05, 2008
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Every year, the school my son attends has a small graduation ceremony for their preschoolers that are off to kindergarten in the fall. Before I had kids I used to think any graduation ceremony for anything other than high school or college were silly, but no fail, every year I cry watching these five-year-olds commence and sort of dreading the day that I would watch Nate walk.

Well, today was that day! My favorite part of the ceremony is when the MC reveals to the audience what each student wants to be when they grow up. Nate wants to be a scientist. No surprise there!

This kid is just too cool for school!

This is the face he made when my sister asked him to make his “graduation face”.

Mena just looooved seeing her brother on stage! She yelled and called for him several times and here she is showing some more appreciation.

Time sure does fly. I can’t believe I have a Kindergartner!