May 07, 2008
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I had a morning session today with two of the most energetic brothers ever! I really had my work cut out for me. At first, the younger of the two cuties wasn’t feelin’ me AT ALL. He didn’t like the camera, he didn’t like me speaking, he didn’t really like me. Which is awesome, really, because after I talked him into that first shot, he was hooked! Does this look like a child who doesn’t like the camera?

Yeah, he’s not very camera shy after all. Now his big brother on the other hand… He was a little camera shy .

Oh, who am I kidding! He was all over the place and loved the camera, too!

I just love this one of him tickling his little brother.

And after all that running around, they finally sat still long enough for me to snap a pic of us together.

Aren’t the just adorable!?!

While I love all of the photos from today’s session, I especially love this one.

I hope mom doesn’t mind me posting this but I just had to! This just makes me smile to no end and look how gorgeous mom is!