Jun 16, 2008
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I hope everyone is enjoying their Father’s Day and that all you dads out there are pampered and showered with lots of love. We had quite a nice FD weekend that started yesterday when my husband took my son out to the park with the intent to help him take his training wheel bike riding to the next level. He did surprisingly well and an hour and a half later, he was home and riding without training wheels! What an amazing little man we have!

He looks a little bored, no?  Like, “Oh, this bike riding business?  Check.  Done.  Next.”

Today we had a nice little lunch with my dad, an amazing father to four girls, and a huge source of inspiration for both my husband and I. After a fantastic meal, we opened a few presents including that annual tie and some quintessential golf gear.

Happy Father’s Day, Pa!!

After lunch, we took a walk in the unbearable heat to enjoy some Ben and Jerry’s.

It was so crazy hot today! We spent the rest of the afternoon indoors in the air conditioning. Well, I did. My dear husband, Father Extraordinaire, took our son out to practice his new bike skillz. Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day!! :)