Jul 24, 2008
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Yesterday, we spent the morning at the Museum of History and Natural Science with some friends for a play date. It was a fun and long morning full of questions from my son and me answering with, “Um. Well. Let’s see here.” I did lug my camera along but we were having so much fun (if fun to you is chasing down a screaming toddler the size of a normal 9 month old baby) that I never took it out of my bag.

When we got home, I decided to lift the no TV for the summer ban for an hour so that I could possibly rest my eyes for a bit and my son immediately tuned into the Discovery Channel to continue to get his learn on. I’m amazed by this little guy. He is such a sponge! He asked me a few more questions, about faults, and caves, and mining. And I kept referring him back to when we were in Chicago and dug for dinosaur bones at the Navy Pier Children’s Museum. Which reminded me that I DID take pictures there and that I have been neglecting my blog and should totally post some pictures…

After the museum yesterday, I took the kids to have pizza at one of our favorite pizza joints in town where my son posed for me holding MY yummy pizza that he would never in a million years eat because there is “stuff” on it. SMRT!

This one was taken with my phone.

Happy Thursday/Friday everyone! :)