How can I possibly not want to have another baby after spending the afternoon with the gorgeous and glowing momma-to-be, J?

Have you seen a more perfect baby bump?

J and T, it was great to meet you. Thanks so much for having me and for being so willing to do all the crazy things I asked…

And J, you weren’t kidding about those mosquitoes!  I think I got about 10 bites from the 15 whole minutes we spent outside! :)  It was worth it, though!

  • Jennifer

    Minnette! These look great. You are an incredible maternity photographer and I had a great time – save the mosquito bite between my eyes. Good idea to do outdoor last. Thanks for doing such a great job and we appreciate everything. They look fantastic. We look forward to seeing the edits. Best to you and your beautiful family!

  • These are GREAT! I have to know where she got those dresses, though!!

  • Monica

    Wow, I love the first one! She really is gorgeous and the light on her makes her shine.