Aug 11, 2008
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Hello Interweb!

How are you? I miss you. It’s been a while.

Things have just been a little crazy around here this summer. When I’m not busy playing and entertaining the kids, I’m planted in front of the computer workin’ away.

This morning as I was getting the kids ready for church, I noticed how completely unruly my daughter’s hair has been. It’s always been this way, but today it was just WILD. She doesn’t really let me put anything in it for longer than oh, five seconds, but I managed to get a headband on her this morning long enough to take pictures to document the rare occasion. While I was busy snapping away, my son saw us and jumped in to give his sis a kiss. Just one kiss and then he ran away.  And I know, I know. They’re my kids. But really, how adorable is this?!?

  • Bev

    What a sweet sweet brother. I miss them so much!

    Hey! Thanks for my package and the thank you card. I appreciate it ;P