Not even five minutes after meeting K and her two kiddos this past week and I already knew that I was going to really enjoy this session.  First off, her little ones were just super adorable and sweet.  Big sis, C was so cooperative and adoring to her brother and baby C was so full of smiles!

And I don’t even have to point out those gorgeous baby blues…

Also, when mom admitted to me that she didn’t usually get up that early in the morning (I’m not going to say what time!) I knew she was someone I could get along great with.  Finally, a mom on the same funky schedule I’m on! :)

We were all over the place that morning.  Inside, outside, princess room, prince room, outside again… I totally worked up a sweat, but these guys were troopers!

I could go on and on posting images from this session, but I’ll stop here.  Well, after just one more of C&C :)

You guys, thanks so much for such a fun morning!