Sep 15, 2008
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This was our sunset on Friday night a few hours before Ike barreled through. We were already getting about 25mph gusts at this point and I had a difficult time standing just to take this shot. I can only image what it felt like out there just four hours later when the outer edge of the hurricane was on us.

I didn’t sleep a wink.

I honestly feared the winds were going to blow my roof off or shatter the windows.  Thankfully, my kids slept through the whole thing peacefully and when were able to survey the damage to our home the next day, it was minimal.  Some of our neighbors didn’t fare so well and had to leave their badly damaged homes.

We lost power right at midnight that night and were really expecting it to be out for weeks. On Saturday, during a nice al fresco dinner at my parents house, I asked what our backup plan was. One day without power was fine. Two, maybe. But three? With the kids?

We drove home slowly after dinner still surveying the damage in the area and as we approached our neighborhood, discovered that out power was back on! Since then we’ve been hosts to many family members who still do not have power. As I type this, there are still more than a million people in town without power. Please keep them in your prayers.

As you can imaging, I am a bit behind with editing and delivering orders. I know this is the least of concern for most of you out there, and I truly hope you are all safe. I hope things get back to normal by the end of this week.