And fun is what I had this morning with a sweet little, dancer, cook and photographer in the making.  She’s only two and already so good at all three!

I thought it was just so cute how she would say, “Cheese me!” whenever she wanted her picture taken.  Here she is cheesing me!

Her little brother won’t have a shortage of things to learn from her when he gets a little older.

Although, he’s already pretty talented himself.  Only three months old and already such a striking model!

I have so many favorites from this morning’s session already!  But here’s just one more of big sis giving her baby brother some love.


Thanks so much, C & B!  It was great to meet you and your gorgeous kiddos!  More to come soon…  :)

  • Rebecca

    These two are my neice and nephew, and you did such an amazing job of capturing their personalities!! Your work is fantastic!!