Dec 10, 2008
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Can you believe it?  It was a balmy 75 degrees yesterday afternoon and now, it’s snowing!  The last time it snowed here, it was Christmas Eve four years ago and we were in Chicago freezing our behinds off in 8 degree weather with NO SNOW.  So appropriate for us.

Last week, my daughter turned two and we celebrated by going ice skating Discovery Green Park in Downtown Houston.  I love that park!  My sister was kind enough to tag along and snap some pics for us so that I could actually enjoy myself instead of being behind the camera.

It’s December 10th and I’ve taken care of just one Christmas gift!  So bad.  I should work on finishing up my shopping right now.  You know, make lists or something.  But I think I’m going to snuggle up with my hubby while this cold weather is here.  I’m hearing that it’ll last until tomorrow and then, POOF!