Jun 06, 2009
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My ‘lil sis got married today! Yeah!


I am so happy for them!!

After a lovely and intimate ceremony this morning, we enjoyed a fabulous liesurely lunch with my new bro and sister #3 (yeah, I really call her that…  Number three!  Hey, number three!!).  It was divine!


Aren’t they just lovely!?!?!

Instead of dessert at the restaurant we decided to take a walk and get our sweets on elsewhere.  We all needed the exercise after that meal!


This next one is my favorite even though they were SO not thrilled about all the PDA I was making them do in front of the family!




Gosh, I made it through this morning without getting all mushy but man! My little sis is married!  Congrats again, you two.  I love you both and wish you the best.  I pray for many, many more years of love and bliss!


  • Mari

    These photos are beautiful. Thank you again. We are very delighted to have you take our special moments.

  • Michelle Esquierdo

    #3 looks great and so does our new bro-in law! Great pictures!! It was a beautiful day!

  • myrna peralta

    They are soo lovely my best wishes to them!! very good mitzi minnette!! you did a good job!! Thank you very much for all the effort on this very memorable day. I love all the photos.

  • monica

    sean is patiently waiting on the jumping pictures. I love all these pictures!

  • Dulce Marie Salazar

    These are soooo adorable. Congratulations Mari and Andrew. That makes you my second cousin right? Haha. I’m more than happy to say welcome to the family :)