Well, I was going to wait until tomorrow to post these but I just couldn’t wind down after such a fun session.  Today I had the pleasure of photographing a lovely family as a gift for their Gigi.  Eight kids (including twin newborns and a four-month-old!) sounds… well… tough.  But my gosh!  It was so much fun!  We did a lot of running around, ducking in and out of the shade and of course, a lot of jumping.  I just can’t help it with the jumping!

First, the girls.

dsc_8141So fun!  I went inside to find the boys and when they weren’t playing wii, they were in the boy’s room READING.  Yes, folks.  Reading for fun.  How cool is that!?!?

dsc_8123We then gathered them all up to hang out in Gigi’s little red corvette S2000, which the boys were super stoked about!


One with Gigi.

dsc_8167And let’s not forget about the super adorable twins and gorgeous little Miss E.


dsc_8450Eight cousins.  Hotest day ever.  Super happy photographer :)


To the W family, thanks so much for a fun morning!  More photos coming soon!

By the way, I have no idea what the temperature was today but anything over 95 is just torture to me.  Just like I suffer in anything less than 50 degrees.  I know.  I should totally move to Cali.

  • Moni

    oh my gosh! I couldn’t decide which one was my favorite pic! Probably the last, but the one with gigi is super cute. definitely the last because I want a push up popsicle right now….