That I met this little guy a little over a year ago when he was about 3 days old (he still had his hospital tags on!) and he looked like this.  And now?


What a handsome little guy!  We drove out to his grandparent’s gorgeous home out in the country (can I call it that?!?) complete with restored antique cars, beautiful weather and a perfect sunset tonight.  It’s been a long evening for me and even though I told his parent’s it would be until tomorrow before I posted any sneak peaks, I just HAD to tease them with these two.


So adorable!

More soon…

  • Niome H

    Awe….So So good!! Love em!! Can’t wait to the rest!!

  • Moni

    OH MY GOSH. NO WAY. I love that you take pictures of babies and then years later. What a great place to shoot I would love to see moarrr