So, um, yeah…  Three is HARD.  I knew that already, really.  But I didn’t really know.  More on that later.

First I wanted to share a few pics of my super cute baby sister.  She is graduating from college this winter and asked me if I would snap a few pics to celebrate.  What!?!  An opportunity to go and do something without my kids?  No crying?  No diaper changes?  No gentle reminders that the laundry basket is, “really full, mama.  Like, bursting out full!”

How could I resist?  We went and checked out a location that I have been eyeing for a while now and the weather was perfect, the light just right and my sis?  Just lovely!


Lovin’ her ANTMish pose here.

monique3Isn’t she gorgeous?


I was only out about an hour and I already missed the crying and constant requests for undivided attention.  It’s been a bit harder than I thought adjusting to being needed by an infant while still meeting the needs of everyone else in this house, but my two older kids are soldiers!  They have been so very patient with me and just adore their little brother. They literally cannot keep their hands off him.

adam3I love the look on M’s face here.  She’s happy to be laying with her brother but ticked that I told her to keep her hands off him.  She is always squeezing his head when I’m not looking!

Her older brother is much gentler but also cannot keep his (1st grade, germy) hands off him either.

adam4Personally, I think the guy is just thrilled to have another male in the house 😉

adam5I’d post more of the little guy but I have yet to send out our announcements.  Until then, this will have to do :)

  • Moni

    OMG!!! Thanks for posting my favs too haha! Nate looks so handsome with his lil’ bro and Mena’s hair is ridic cute. She’s such a big girl now! Thanks again for taking pictures I really appreciate it and they all look so great! I’m so excited I’m graduating! haha

  • Tiffany Rostant

    WOW! What a beautiful family!! Your sister looks amazing in the “ANTMish” pose. Very real. You’re talent at capturing these precious moments is amazing.

  • mari

    we love the announcements. can’t wait to get one done for our NB in 6 days!