Ladies and Gents, I have survived two whole months of no sleep, raging hormones, an endless amount of poopy diapers and non-stop crying (Adam’s and mine)!  Hooray for newborns!  No, seriously.  He has been a dream and despite all that I listed above, there’s also cuddling, laughter, cooing, tears of joy and lots and lots of love all around.  Now that he’s two months old his big brother and sis are able to play with a him a little more.

DSC_3123bwDSC_2989In case you missed it in the photo above, N Dizzle has lost yet another tooth!

2010 Blog Frame vertMy hubby actually had to pull that one out.  Yeesh!

Is it just me or do your children seem to age like crazy once you get a newborn in the house?  I feel like M is a totally different person now.


DSC_3088I don’t care how old she gets, she will always be my baby girl.

And speaking baby girls, I am about to become an auntie again!  My sister is due any day now and we cannot wait to meet her baby girl.

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