Dec 06, 2009
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It’s been a busy, busy week and it looks like its going to be a busy, busy entire month.  But it’s December, so what’s new? Despite a minor setback yesterday with me and my infant sick and in bed for the entire day, we trudge on.  First up on the list of things to do, as always, is edit, edit, edit!  That’s never ending.  So let’s take a break here and blog about my baby girl’s birthday.  She’s THREE!!!

We started the celebration by going ice skating (like last year) the day before her birthday.

skating3As you can see, she is wearing the same coat as last year.  I find that when you live in Houston and wear coats about 3 days out of the entire winter season, it’s most economical to buy your children’s coats a size large so the can actually get some good use out of it.  Am I right, Houstonians?!?

Nate was so excited about skating he did a little jig before we started.

skating5skating4We choose to do this on a weeknight so that we could have the rink practically all to ourselves.


Like last year, the night was magical.  I just love Discovery Green!!!

skating2Saving her actual birthday celebration post for tomorrow.  Like the title says, this was just the pre-par-tay!

  • Mari

    Love the photos. Especially, of the skating rink with Alan and the kids skating, no one else. I wish we could of made it!