Have I introduced you to Maleia yet?

I have been meaning to blog about my gorgeous new niece for a good three months now and if I wait any longer, I am sure I will forever feel like the worst auntie ever.  Blogging just takes SO LONG, but I won’t digress.  Now where should I start?  I think we’ll go way back:

blog0223aNow that I’m thinking about it, I have posted about Maleia this far back before.  But this post is really more about Maleia and her bestest budy, Adam.  See how they were friends from way back in the day?blog0223bJust a quick note, we do not dress like this on a normal basis!  These were taken at a Totally Awesome 80’s Baby Shower for my sis.  And yes, it was groovy.

More of my sweet niece.


Hangin’ out with her Belly Bud, Adam:

blog0223eblog0223fAnd now, Bumbo Buddies!


  • Oh wow that last one is priceless! look at their feetsies sticking out :)

  • Mari

    This is by far your best blog and my favorite! LOL. I am sure Maleia would appreciate this too. Oh and we miss Adam!