Mar 01, 2010
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This past week, my hubby and I celebrated nine fabulous happy years of wedded bliss. We hit up our favorite park again and took in a spectacular view of the city from their “holiday” balloon (it looks like a hot air balloon, but totally missing all the hot air). It was super cold and super windy and would have been super romantic had it not been for the very vocal kid riding with us asking her dad about a hundred questions about the possibilities of falling off. Ah, children!! If we weren’t parents of a school-ager ourselves, that may have been annoying. Instead, the entire time, A and I were chuckling and thinking about what Nate would probably ask if he were riding with us!

And can I just say how glad I am we choose to do this BEFORE we ate? It was sooo windy. Wine, food and then a balloon ride would not have worked out so hot. 😉

Happy Happy Anniversary, to my sweet and amazing hubby. I love you!