Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting M+R, a super fun, super friendly couple of expectant parents.  R and I were chit-chatting for a bit and quickly realized that we used to work with each other back when he was living in another state and I was living my old life in big oil.  What a small, small world!

I just LOVED this session.  M+R were willing to do anything I asked and what I asked for were a lot of kisses!   By the end of the session, these two were pros!

My favorite kind of kiss – The Prelude:

I quickly went through these photos last night and I have so many favs, I can’t possibly post them all now.  M, I know you want more but here are a couple to tide you over!

I can’t wait to show you guys the rest!  M+R, thanks for an incredibly fun afternoon.  I cannot wait to meet your sweet pea in a few weeks!

  • Elizabeth Messer

    Loved this photos! The capture the essence of the relationship between a couple when they are expecting a baby. great job!

  • Aunt Merrianne

    These pictures are just so sweet and romantic….and yes, depict the love between you two, ooops…THREE! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest. What a talented photographer! Such a beautiful family!

  • Monique

    OH MY GOODY location location i love ittt i want that car! this is a sweet couple and i really want to go to this location w u lol

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