I learned something yesterday – never pay attention to the weather report. I was doing just fine until it started pouring here at the house in the middle of the afternoon. A quick check on weather.com and the standard weather app on the iphone and I almost canceled this session.

As you can see, my phone is a liar.  There were no clouds, there was no lightning and there definitely wasn’t any rain.  Unfortunately, there was no “fun” sun to work with either but I think we managed 😉

No worries, mom!  We got some without him showing his, um, friendly face…  I just thought this was hilarious!

And now, for some belly.

That is one seriously perfect baby bump!

Finally, a little romance before I head off into the sunset, or the storm rather that occurred right after this session for many hours last night.

So glad I ignored the weather report and made it out to this one!