Aug 03, 2010
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Years ago, I purchased this plastic toy camera from Amazon for around $20 bucks.  I loved this thing, even though we were already on digital camera number two at the time and it was quite a hassle to use.  First, I had to go out of my way to find medium format film for it and I still remember asking the very helpful guys at Houston Camera Exchange how to load it.  The roll would only have 12 exposures and I could only get it developed at the one place I found in town.  Even then, I couldn’t afford get actual prints, only a proof sheet and negatives – I got my hubby to use a negative scanner at his office instead.  Now it sits on my shelf collecting dust.  I just don’t have the time, energy or money to put into using my $20 plastic cam.

But wouldn’t you know it… there’s an app for that!  I just loooove the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone!  Have you tried it?  If not, I can’t recommend it enough, it is so stinkin’ fun.

Here are some oldies from a trip to The Keys back in 2003 taken with the Holga.

That little guy looks like Adam, I know.  But it’s my baby Nate and he is now seven!

And here are some favs of mine taken with various lenses from the Hipstamatic app.

Talk about instant gratification 😉

  • monique

    LOVE IT! p.s. Can I borrow your camera? i’ll buy the film lol i love shooting film. Also, i miss bb nate.