Apr 10, 2012
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Last week, I was cleaning some old files and came across this gem from last mother’s day:

How super sweet is that?  I taped it up onto the wall above my computer so that I could be reminded of how much my girl loves me even though I am so totally flawed.  The thing that struck me the most is how her favorite thing to do with me is to play tea party. I get so busy sometimes that we hardly ever get to do this.  So while taking a break from editing this session, I quickly set up a super special princess tea party for her complete with invitations, her favorite sandwiches (nutella!) and favorite fruit!

We all got dressed up, even me and her baby brother!  By dressed up, I mean I grabbed a pair of heels.  My princess, on the other hand, emptied out her dress-up trunk like she was going to a ball!  She eventually picked something and we spent the afternoon with lots of smiles and giggles, drinking tea (juice) with our pinkies out ;).