Two weeks ago we went up to Virginia to hang out with family and celebrate our niece’s high school graduation.  We stayed with my sister-in-law and spent a lot of time relaxing in what I have deemed the “Greatest Backyard EVER“.  We were blessed with some fantastic weather the first couple of days we were there and one afternoon, I spotted my sweet little girl outside on the hammock just hanging around.

I just love her sweet smiles and giggles!

Have I mention she just graduated from pre-school?  I didn’t bring my camera that night (I just really wanted to enjoy watching her “walk”) but my sister and my friend both sent us this pics:

You are lucky you have been spared from the ridiculous “AWWUAHUAHAHAWAAAA” I uttered when I saw these – especially that second one!

  • Monique

    She is such a natural model!! I wish to visit the greatest backyard Ever. Can u take me to there? I have stickers of that pic to give you!