Jun 27, 2012
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What do you get when you have 10 photographers and a Mee Maw together for a weekend in probably my favorite city in the U.S.?

A whole lot of shopping, giggles, toasts, smiles, cameras, posing, and eating!  So much eating that I’m going to have a separate post for it!

You wouldn’t know it just by looking at these, but most of us met for the first time on Friday morning. (Some of us met each other at a PinkleToes for Photographer’s Workshop last year.) By the time Sunday morning rolled around, we were all hoping for excuses not to leave!  Monday morning, we were all back in our homes, on our computers, reliving our fun weekend going through these (many, many) photos.

Such an amazing and talented group of ladies that I am honored to call my friends.  Check them out!

Shona Reid – Ottowa, Canada

Carol Swaitkewich – Winnepeg, Canada

Stacy Krager – Springfield, Illinois

Leah Cook – Dallas, Texas

Sarah Jordan – Boston, Mass.

Janie Jones – Kansas City, Kansas

Lena Antaramian – New York, NY

Michele Anderson – Austin, Texas

Heidi Drexler Photography – St. Louis, MO