I had some grand plans for the morning of our first day of school, but all that went away when I went to bed at around 3am and got woken up by Mena at 5:30.  To say she was excited is an understatement.

So things moved at a wild pace that morning (for me, at least) but the kids were so very ready.  I caught them patiently waiting for the bus (me!) here:

But despite my running around unprepared, we made it!  And on time, too.  First day of kindergarten pics were taken in the classroom, “Boo-hoo” bags were picked up from our wonderful PTO, and a pat on the shoulder/”Have a great day” wave was given to our fourth grader (we are not allowed to hug him in public anymore, apparently).   I went home, breathed a deep sigh of relief and then realized I have to do this again for the next nine months.  When’s summer back again??

Some favorite Mena quotes from that morning:

When I woke her up the first thing she said was, “I’m gonna miss you”.

Mena: I tried to wake you up to fix my hair but you wouldn’t!

Me:  Mena.  It was 5:30!

Mena: Can we do more homework?

Me: That was it.  That’s all you have.

Mena: That’s it?!?!?

Me: Don’t worry.  There’s like, more than 200 days of school or something.

Mena: Whoa!  YAY!

Me: Did you miss me today?

Mena: Umm. Not really.

“I love school! I want to marry it!”

And one from Adam sometime in the middle of the day, “Hey! Where’s Mena? Meeeeeenaaaaa!!! Where are you?”

Hope everyone out there had a great first day and has a wonderful new year :)