Oct 05, 2012
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Two weeks ago, my baby boy turned three and we celebrated by having a small family gathering of Super Heroes here at the house.  Because he is my third kid, I really haven’t done a good job of planning him parties the last two years (I know! I’m terrible) so this year, we went all out.  The kids all got their own custom capes, masks, cuffs and even personalized backpacks to stash all their super goodies in.  The kids had a blast and looking at all the photo booth pics, I think the big kids had a good time, too!

Even though I made everything myself, I got LOTS of inspiration from printerest and you can check out my super hero board HERE.  A super huge thanks also to my sisters for helping me out with the onomatopoeia signs and paper fans.

As much as I love indulging my three-year-old and his superhero obsession, the thing motivating this party the most was my need to get at least one photo with all the cousins in their get-ups.  It was tough but with everyone’s help, we did it!

And if you can believe it, my first time doing my own iPhone photo booth.

Finally, our most recent family pic.

And that’s it folks!  I’m superheroed out!! I’d like to say were’re all done with that but Halloween is around the corner and I may or may not have ordered a spiderman outfit for someone in this house…