I thought I’d do something a little different this year and invited my amazing clients to submit their favorite image from their sessions this past year for a fun little contest.  Scroll down and take a look at our nominees for 2012 Photo of the Year!


1.  stylin’ | how cute are they with their matching shoes?

2.  class of 2013 | “I really loved the picture where I’m leaning on my elbos with with flowers in front of me.  It was beautifully taken, but most of all, it’s the picture that brings the biggest smile on my parents’ faces and I just love that… :)”

3.  daddy’s little girl | “There is just something so special about that picture from their smile to to their pose. Father and daughter relationship is so precious to watch as a mother and wife.” <- I love that!

4.  big sis | there were so many more from this session where she is just loving on her little brother, but I think this one really represents how excited she is to be a big sister.

5.  wonder | “I love this one for the lighting of the photo and the smile that S has but the reason it is my favorite is because of the story behind the photo. S loves the outdoors, whenever we take walks we take a bucket to collect leaves, pine cones, etc. S also adores her Grandma, who lives in Seattle and visits frequently. S knows that her Grandma travels by plane to visit and loves seeing airplanes fly overhead, she calls them “Grandma’s planes.” She even sleeps will a small stuffed airplane. In this picture she is holding her leaf and pointing at Grandma’s plane.”  so sweet!

6.  beauty | there is so much beauty and depth in those eyes.

7.  sisters | there is so much love between these two :)

Want to see them larger? Click HERE.

Ready to vote?

Voting begins from now until midnight on Saturday, February 2nd.  The winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 4th.  Winners will get the following prizes!

1st Place: 
• 16X20 Gallery Wrapped Canvas of the winning image.
• $500 gift card to be used towards a Premium Session in 2013.

2nd and 3rd Place Winners:
• 11×14 Gallery Wrapped Canvas of the winning image.
• $200 gift card to be use towards a Premium Session in 2013.

Happy Voting!! :)