Aug 21, 2013
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At the beginning of this summer, my hubby and I got this wild idea that we could leave.  Just go.  You know? Travel WITHOUT our kids.  And so we did.  We decided on NYC.

It wasn’t either of our first times there, but you have to understand that we hadn’t traveled without our kids since 2006 (back when we only had to leave one behind, not three).  We went and explored as much as we could in the three days we had.  By the time we left, we were achy zombies from the amount of walking we did.


We walked the Brooklyn Bridge and explored DUMBO. We visited a place from my childhood memories, which ended up being right by The Cloisters.



We walked through Central Park, relaxed on the lawn and watched the toy boats in the lake.


We people watched at Grand Central Station and check out the crazy that is Times Square.


We stayed at a hotel in Union Square that had rooms slightly better than a dormitory, but had the most amazing common areas like their rooftop terrace where we were able to enjoy manhattans overlooking Manhattan at sunset.  We shopped in SOHO, walked the High Line, visited Ground Zero.  We chatted up locals at a bar, met up with an old friend from home, shopped for the kids at FAO.  We waited for Blair and Serena on the Met Steps.  OMG.  😉

We did so much, I can’t even remember it all.  I think our favorite thing was just navigating the subways throughout the city.  It made me feel like a local!  Except that I had my cell phone on me the entire time taking photos of anything and everything:


Looking at these makes me feel happy and completely restless, in a good way.  We’ll be back NY.  <3