Jan 04, 2014
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I’m not really sure exactly why I started a 365 project at the start of 2013. Part of it was to use my camera every day, for sure (although, I ended up using my iPhone more than I would have liked). Another was to challenge myself to see creatively. And of course, there was the sentimental aspect to the whole thing. There are those moments sometimes, when we’re doing something fun with the kids or it’s quiet and we’re just snuggling with them or watching them sleep and I always say to my husband, “I wish we could bottle this. Save this feeling”. But I know we can’t because in a moment, I’ll forget it and it’ll never come back, which makes me sad but at the same time strive to find those moments. This project didn’t bottle that feeling but it comes close. I know these photos by heart and I’ve watched the slideshow I made over and over again when I was making it and it wasn’t until that 8th or 9th time that the tears came. Remembering all the highest highs and the lowest lows. 2013 was neither great nor terrible. It was here and now it’s gone and I’ll always have a little piece of it in these photos.

So, final thoughts. Start your own 365 NOW. Pick up your camera or pick up your cell phone and just grab those moments.

Here are some of my favorites and if you’re up for it, a video of all 365 photos below.

365wk_0019 365wk_0020 365wk_0021 365wk_0022 365wk_0023 365wk_0024