I got to meet this precious newborn and his family a couple of months ago in their gorgeous home. These are my favorite kinds of sessions. The kind where I get to take a peek into their daily routine and also take a part in it. I could have photographed mom reading to her daughter all day!

Big sis was still getting used to having her new little brother around so we took a few breaks and some time off to ourselves to play a little and get to know each other. It the easiest thing in the world to photograph a toddler and newborn together but all that getting to know each other paid off as we were able to get some lovely pics of her and her sweet baby brother together. She is already such an awesome big sister! And mom was so very patient and laid back – I love that. And I loved this session as a whole but I think this one may have been my favorite.

If you are expecting and are wanting a in-home lifestyle newborn session, contact us soon so that we can get your session schedule within that first month and you can look back on these stolen moments forever.