Last year, before my son turned 11, we asked him if he would rather have a party or go camping with his family. To our surprise, he chose us 😉

There are so many amazing and beautiful places to camp in Texas, but because we didn’t give ourselves enough time to plan it out, we weren’t left with very many choices. We took a quick trip to San Antonio to see the “basement” in the Alamo (because we had just introduced the kids to Pee Wee’s Big Adventure) and then headed up to Garner State Park.

This was perfect. Even though I had only been to Garner once with my friends my senior year of high school, I still have many fond memories of that place. Alan and I had just started dating and it was all butterflies, doves, hearts, smiles and feels so of course, everything about Garner was heightened for me. So to go back there with my kids and to swing off the same rope my husband and I swung off of, skip rocks on The Frio in the same spot we did, and to set up camp under the same trees… well, it brought me so much joy. Not to mention, my son has a strict “no technology” rule when he’s camping so it was so great to be in the moment with our kids. No distractions, no interferences. Just us enjoying each other.

This year as he turns 12, we are going back to Garner to celebrate again and as I prepare for our little trip I realized that I had not even looked through many of our photos from that trip. Typical really. Don’t even ask me about our Hawaii trip! I went through the archives and found a couple that I really love.


The countdown to Nate’s 12th birthday begins!