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For those of you that follow my work, you know that I only do mini-sessions once a year in the fall. This year, I made an exception to help raise funds for a small non-profit that I am now a part of, The Romani Relief Project. We held a Moms for Moms event this past weekend and where I shot a few minis and this was one of them. You guys. Isn’t she breathtaking? Absolutely gorgeous, just like her big sis whom I got to photograph just a couple of weeks ago :)


Sugar Land Senior Photography

She loves to read and has a gorgeous voice. Smart, philanthropic, friendly and fun.¬†Beautiful, inside and out! We have both been waiting to work with each other for a long time and I’m so glad we finally did. Congrats, M! I know your parents are super proud! You are going to be so amazing in whatever you set out to do!



It’s crazy. I remember visiting their mom at the hospital both times when they were born. And here they are – one graduating from high school and the other one graduating from Jr. High. Both are smart, incredible athletes and just great guys all around. I know their parents are super proud! Congrats, guys!


MDP17_family_lifestyle_photographer MDP17_march1

Oh, this was a fun one! Y’all know I love shooting in homes but this was especially great because we also got to walk around one of my favorite neighborhoods in Houston and where we found some cute new spots. But to be honest, you could put this family anywhere and they’d look good :) Beautiful home, gorgeous family, fabulous weather – I can’t ask for a better family lifestyle session!


Family Twins Photography

This one was so much fun! A little over a year ago, we celebrated big sister’s half birthday and here we are celebrating her twin sisters’! Happy six months, girls! You are so lucky to live in a house full of love (and the color pink!)