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There are some sessions that make me feel really blessed to be a newborn photographer.  I loved spending my morning with this growing family. Even though they are going through so many changes right now with a new little one in the house, sleepless nights and big brother adjusting to his sweet sister, they just take is all in stride. They are so laid back and obviously thankful for all their blessings. Typically, newborn sessions are super quite and parents tend to tiptoe around (so cute!) but this house had quite a bit going on with house guests and an excited big brother. But these two pro parents were just all smiles for their sweet, sweet girl. I loved that.



I got to meet this precious newborn and his family a couple of months ago in their gorgeous home. These are my favorite kinds of sessions. The kind where I get to take a peek into their daily routine and also take a part in it. I could have photographed mom reading to her daughter all day!

Big sis was still getting used to having her new little brother around so we took a few breaks and some time off to ourselves to play a little and get to know each other. It the easiest thing in the world to photograph a toddler and newborn together but all that getting to know each other paid off as we were able to get some lovely pics of her and her sweet baby brother together. She is already such an awesome big sister! And mom was so very patient and laid back – I love that. And I loved this session as a whole but I think this one may have been my favorite.

If you are expecting and are wanting a in-home lifestyle newborn session, contact us soon so that we can get your session schedule within that first month and you can look back on these stolen moments forever.

Hey guys! Remember me? I’m finally getting back to a regular blogging schedule and I thought I’d start with this fun family lifestyle session. minnette-photography-houston-heights-home-indoor-lifestyle-family-photography

I love, love, love shooting in client homes! I love getting to photograph families in their comfortable and natural state. These are the photos I myself would look back on fondly. Memories of those moments that we may currently take for granted but are the ones we want to remember the most in the future. It’s the little things, like playing on the floor or how wiggly our littles were while we changed their diapers. I love going through my own personal photos (even the blurry, out of focused ones) that we took in our old home. This is what I aim for when I’m shooting a family lifestyle session (but not the blurry, out of focused ones! teehee!)


Since this little guy was so happy and ready to play, we got to venture outside as well. We hit up a nearby park that they frequent in their neighborhood and he got to stretch out and show off his new moves, like standing and sitting up! And how adorable is his Beatle’s shirt?!? I love it!

minnette-photography-houston-heights-outdoor-lifestyle-baby-photography minnette-photography-houston-heights-lifestyle-family-photography

Does this family look familiar to you? They were our 2013 winners from last year! So glad to have gotten to photograph their handsome little man’s six month milestones!

Overall, a fun afternoon for all of us :)


Jul 23, 2014
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I don’t know about you guys but it’s summer and I’m having the hardest time concentrating. My kids are home and all I want to do is play with them. So now I kinda have a backlog of blogging to do. Ok, truth. I definitely have a backlog of blogging to do ;) But first, a fun one to get me back into the groove. Oh, yes. I just used the word grove. Don’t judge!

At the start of summer I went on an annual girl’s trip with some of my most favorite people. You may have heard me mention them before. This year, we headed over to Austin, TX.


Hello, Austin!


I didn’t take very many photos this year. In fact, I didn’t even find any on my cell phone, which is a first! But we do have this awesome pic our awesome friend Katie snapped for us.


Credit: Sarah Jordan Photography

We did a little shopping, a little eating (or maybe a lot, I’m not going to say…) a little bit of talking shop. But mostly, we did a whole lot of this:

atxbean3Already looking forward to our trip next year. Love these ladies!

mdpsigWant to see more? Check out Lena’s pics!



May 23, 2014
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Here’s a question for you:  What do you do with your digital photos? Your vacation photos, cell phone snaps, session photos? Do they live on your computer or on disks/thumb drives? Or are they printed up large, framed and hung on that perfect spot on the wall for everyone to see? Do they live in a book that you can tangibly hold in your hands? Remember when we used to carry pics of our kids in our wallets? I do. I have this silly school photo of my first born when he was two years old wearing a race car driver outfit and a mean mug still in my wallet, tucked behind my driver’s license.

I was thinking the other day about my husband and my 10-year anniversary. We celebrated it and my then 8-year-old’s birthday by taking the kids on a Disney Cruise. I didn’t take a whole lot of photos but there were a couple in particular that I remember loving and never seeing because, well… they live on my computer. I am constantly reminding clients of the importance of printing their session images. I know we all get busy, which is one of the reasons why I always include 5×7 prints of all digital files and one large framed print with all my packages. But I need to take my own advice. I’ve decided to carve out a little bit of time a week to go through old photos and either get them printed or put in a book. This particular photo is going up on the wall:


I love this one so much. We had stood in long line earlier that day to meet her favorite Disney Princesses, which is why she is wearing her tiara. We can call this my #fbf ;) I was going to do a #tbt but I guess I’m a little late! Stay tuned next week for another as I continue to go through my archives to get these photos printed!